DCT IT Server specifications

Server specifications, specs

We have several types of hosting, and the hardware specifications will depend on which type of hosting you have. Our specifications for shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers are listed below.

What kind of servers are you using for shared and reseller?

Our shared servers have Intel Xeon Processors (at least 8 cores). We run on CloudLinuxOS. The servers have at least 32GB of Memory. The connection speed on our servers is 100 mbps (mega bits per second) on 1Gbit port. We also have RAID10 and instant daily backups of your content. Our data centers are:

  • TirePoint located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
  • HostDime located in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • OVH located in Singapore.
  • OVH located in Sydney, Australia.

Is the connection on our shared servers 10mbps burstable to 100mbps or 100mbps constant?

100mbps constant on 1Gbit port

Is the connection on our shared servers 100mbps up and down or just 100mbps total?

100mbps both up and down