The Dreams Come True IT LTD. [hereafter referred to as “DCT IT”] is a private agency. Services of DCT IT are only available on the basis of agreement on the terms of services.
DCT IT is the owner of any content presented here. It includes (but not limited to) company logo, slides, images and graphic effects, documentations, videos.
An order placed with DCT IT infers that you agree with our terms of services, and you mutually agree to:

  • Separate terms and conditions apply for each project, which will be provided and finalized to customer with project/product proposal and project/product acceptance agreement.
  • DCT IT cannot be held responsible for copyright violations caused by materials and content submitted by the client.
  • Any software, codes and scripts developed by DCT IT will remain the intellectual property of DCT IT and should not be resold or reproduced commercially without the knowledge and permission of DCT IT.
  • DCT IT will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Any website, hosted with us, found to be hosting any kind of pornography or adult content or promoting or linking to any kind of pornography or adult content will be terminated immediately without any notice.
  • Any domain, registered with us, found to be hosting any kind of pornography or adult content or promoting or linking to any kind of pornography or adult content will be suspended immediately with or without any notice. User may be given option to transfer away the domain from us. As long as the domain remains with us, it will remain suspended.
  • We take a zero-tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. “Safe lists”, purchased lists, and selling of lists will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.

DCT IT operates to its legal extent. Clients are provided with warranties only on the basis of the agreement to terms of service and, of course, on payment for the services. However, this website and its contents are under the ownership of DCT IT.

The nature of the agreement with clients will determine the duration of warranties and long term maintenance.

We try our best to ensure that all materials and info on the client’s website are latest and updated. However, DCT IT is not responsible for the contents of other websites present there which may have been linked to there from external sources.

The following terms and conditions apply to everyone in general who request web design services offered by DCT IT. If, however, the client enters in a written statement that DCT IT should agree to concur then the terms will be bound by details of that agreement. By ordering services from DCT IT, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • The acceptance of the authority of DCT IT of the website shall be deemed as a contractual agreement between the client and DCT IT.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to construct a website which we might judge as unfit due to content or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, sites containing pornography, sites which promote hatred towards persons belonging to any ethnic group or religion, sites that encourage racism and sites which infringe copyright.
  • The client should pay an advance payment upon the placement of order. DCT IT cannot always guarantee to start work immediately on order, but we will arrange a date with the client as to when work can commence.
  • All materials, both text and image, supplied by the client for use in the construction of the client’s website shall remain the client’s property. The client can use them without the fear of copyright claim from us. However, those materials cannot be used in any way that will harm our company’s profile.
  • All materials provided by DCT IT such as HTML codes, CSS codes, PHP codes, graphics, photographs, and texts, will remain the property of DCT IT. After full payment, those will be handed over to the client.
  • We keep in mind to design pages that are correctly displayed in most of the web browsers. However, DCT IT is not responsible for page inconvenience in rare browsers and due to updates of any browser that you download after the project completion.
  • DCT IT cannot accept responsibility for the client’s website’s omission from any search engine, online directory or search site’s list. That is if the omission is personally handled by the owners and operatives of those website and search engines.
  • If at any point during the Website Development Process a client wishes to cancel, they may do so. For information regarding the refund of advance payment click here.
  • The client’s website will be published only after the full payment due after the advance. We may also give them the source code via download or hard disk storage for the client to upload. Until then the website will be placed on our demo server so that the client may keep track of the development process. The publication will undergo when the site has been complete and full payment made.
  • The maintenance and updating of the website are a whole different matter to us. If a client wishes DCT IT should handle the maintenance then a written contract will be made, and both party’s agreement will put us in charge of maintenance. DCT IT will charge appropriate to the amount of work required. Web site maintenance may also be undertaken on a time and materials basis if the client so wishes.
  • If the client does not provide DCT IT with required material and content in reasonable time, we have the right to charge extra for we have to restart the whole designing.
  • Any payment returned by the bank or credit card company will incur a BDT 1000 ( USD $15) administration charge. This will be invoiced and will be added to the total outstanding debt owed by the customer.
  • DCT IT reserves the right to alter service charge and product price at any time without prior notice. A commission paid will not be subject to the change in price. But following charges will be increased.
  • DCT IT reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this page without prior notice.
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