How to Create a Node.JS Application

Our web hosting platform supports deploying Node.js Applications utilizing mod_passenger from cPanel using “Setup Node.js App” feature.

node.js from cpanel -

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Click Setup Node.js App (under Software section)
  3. All your deployed Node.js applications will be listed here, if already deployed. To deploy a new application, click on Create Application
  4. On this page you will be asked:
    • Node.js version (You can see available Node.js versions from the dropdown)
    • Application mode
    • Application root: Application root is the directory, where you host your application files.
    • Application URL: This is the publicly accessible URL
    • Application startup file: Your application startup file (package.json)
  5. Once application is created, you will be able to run “npm install” if you have a package.json file and manage the application.
    node.js edit application -


You can see all your applications under the web application option. You will see various information about your application (ability to stop, restart, edit and delete your applications) on this page.

node.js application list -