POP3, IMAP and SMTP with SSL

You will need to have a SSL installed on your account. All our web hosting packages comes with unlimited free SSL certificates. Once SSL is installed, use following details to connect with POP3, IMAP and SMTP over SSL:

Username: Use the email address.
Password: Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:
mail.domain.com (replace with your domain)
Secure POP3 is port 995.
Secure IMAP is port 993.

Outgoing Server:
The outgoing mail is always SMTP, whether using IMAP or POP.
mail.domain.com (replace with your domain)
Secure SMTP is port 465.

Problems? Be sure that your computer’s firewall is not blocking these ports. It is not always necessary to use your Internet Service Provider’s settings, but if you cannot send from port 26 or 465, then we suggest you contact your ISP and ask for their outgoing mail server name.